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From J.D.'s website: My newest book is Smudge. A different book for me. The protagonist is female and there is no male lead character. It has a smidgen of romance but is mainly an action adventure. Trish Morgan a small-town paralegal goes to her ATM one nasty night and wipes a smudge off the screen. It's blood. She hears a moan and discovers a dying woman in the alley next to her bank. The woman sneaks a DVD into Trish's purse and the next day the murderer calls Trish at work, demanding the return of the DVD or else. What does she do? Go to the police? She lives in a small town where two officers make up the entire force. Why not just turn it over to the guy on the phone? It's not that simple. And could her husband really be involved?

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Once again, J.D. delivers a story of everyday people caught in webs of trouble beyond what they thought was possible. Okay, I admit the use of 'webs' with J.D.'s name is a bit wordplay overkill. But, it's true, the character, Trish, is caught up in a life upheaval. The upheaval that always comes when you're least prepared.

There are a number of elements I like about SMUDGE. Trish isn't a super woman. She's not perfect. Her husband is a donkey. A controlling abusive donkey; however, we meet Trish as she's reaching the end of putting up with him. 

Which leads us to Bob. Ex-high school boyfriend and current cop. The cop who came to her rescue the night she found the dead woman. The night she's passed the object the killer's after. I enjoy how J.D. didn't push the developing re-relationship between them. You can see it coming, expect more, but are taken to knowing it's around the end page and it works.

I have to admit it's a secondary character who is my favourite...Heather. This gal is spunky. 

SMUDGE is a comfort read. 

SMUDGE is the read you want when you want to relax. J.D. is the author who gives you straightforward, uncomplicated enjoyment. In a time when everyone is rushing around reaching for the fastest, more this, more that, complicated twists and turns, J.D. gives you the quiet peace you need.

If you're reading this as a negative or lukewarm review, nope, not at all. In today's crazy world of the 'right now' we all need some quiet peace.


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