Wednesday, February 26, 2014


Author's Name: Anastasia Amor
Publisher: Brodt Publishing

Genre: Mystery-romance
ISBN:  Paper: 878-0-9918062-3-2
eBook: 978-0-9918062-4-9
Pages: Paper 246
Price:  Paper: $ 8.96
eBook: $2.98

SEDUCTION…GREED…REVENGE…in steamy Cozumel. When a dive group member dies, smart sexy Adie Sturm investigates. Dirty deals, crystal skulls and coded bank accounts connect to a killer. Delicious men like chocolate vie for her attention as the murderer targets the victims. Who can she trust? Martial artist Adie Sturm revs up her game only to get caught in a dangerous trap.


Anastasia and Adie are at it again. Once again I lost myself in Adie’s descriptions of Cozumel, her eclectic group of tourist, her men (oh you’re so not going to believe what happens here) and let’s not forget murder.

When Anastasia contacted me with this new offering of her Adie Sturm Mysteries, I couldn’t say no. As you know, I don’t always mix with romances; however, there’s something enticing about Adie and Wolf…Adie and Diego…Adie and… Yes, things are heating up. Maybe cooling off? 

Let alone the friendship between Adie and Carmelita. 

Their friendship captures the best of female bonds. These two ladies never judge the other and are always supportive and honest with each other. Something you wouldn’t expect when your brother is lusting after a woman who is also lusting after another man. A wickedly sinful triangle.

Now there is one problem with this triangle. I can’t decide who makes the better match for Adie. Both men are beyond belief in looks, success, and plain ole general hotness. But…and there are plenty of cute butts (sorry, couldn’t help myself ;)…there’s always been something hidden with Wolf, for me. It’s not that he’s not honest or doesn’t have real feelings for Adie, but there are times I just don’t see him giving Adie the full attention Diego lavishes on her. Then again, real love isn’t a candle that burns at both ends 24/7. That candle will eventually burn itself out.

Diego hides nothing about who he is from Adie. Even his sister acknowledges Adie brings something different out of Diego. Plus there’s no sparring matches with any in-heat ex-wives. Think he could be a one-woman guy?

After writing this, I have to admit, I think I’m team Diego…for now.

Of course, Anastasia has to go and throw something new into the mix. Something that I’ve expected and was even hoping for…nope, won’t tell you. And then there’s…yeah, not going to share that either, but oyyyy boyyyy…wayyyy oyyyy boyyyy.

As always Anastasia delivers an entertaining read. One that’s perfect for a bitter cold winter’s evening or even a blistering hot summer one. If you think this is just another continuing…him/her or her/him, back and forth we go, again…you’ve thought wrong. This standalone story weaves through its own mystery while tying in past emotions and moving us in new possibilities.

What do you have in store for us next, Anastasia?